Is 5 stars really the maximum I can give?
Dr. Kushnir is an amazing doctor/ allergist that truly cares about her patients (not what type of insurance you have!). She is very good at explaining things in layman’s terms and does not get frustrated when you ask her a million questions. Dr. Kushnir is truly an expert in her field and has published many articles on the topic of allergies. I did my research…
I chose Dr. Kushnir because my dermatologist prescribed me a bunch of medicine that did not help my acne but instead dried my skin. When I went to Dr. Kushnir all I wanted was a prescription for an acne medication that I used in Orange County. What I got was an educational seminar about the cause of my acne and possible cures.
In addition to prescribing me the medicine that I wanted, Dr. Kushnir told me which vitamins I should take (Vitamin E for those who care) and which make up/ face products I should avoid.
What made me write this review? Dr. Kushnir called me a few hours after my appointment to inform me that she found a promotion on some Canadian website for my medicine that would save me $100! Which other doctor cares how much you pay for your meds?

Tatyana G.

I’ve been coming to Dr. Kushnir for allergy shots for more than a year. She’s friendly and attentive, and she takes the time to explain the diagnoses and treatments. She seems well informed about new research in the field.
I appreciated that her lobby has free WiFi while I am waiting before/after an injection. I also appreciated that she gave me a free “neti pot” on my first visit, along with instructions on how to mix a saline solution, which has reduced my allergy symptoms and need for medication considerably. Alongside her expertise, these small touches have made my experience as a patient a very positive one!
I know almost everyone with allergies has been having a craptastic Spring this year, but thanks to my treatment from Dr. Kushnir, I’m having a clear and easy season!

Monica S.

Truly gifted… My family all out voted me because they wanted cats… I’m allergic and wanted to test the rest of the family. We went through the tests… A bit of a pain (duh…) and got the tests back. Glad we went because I’m apparently allergic to everything and my daughter was pre-asthmatic. We did an accelerated anti allergen program. I have had shots before but frankly, she is a master. Rarely does it hurt and when it does, its only worthy of a wince. She’s great with the kids and has strategies to help alleviate kids anxiety of those shots. We were able to reach the top dose in just a few months. We got our cats (not one… But two long haired cats) and we’re to the point where if I wanted to… I could put my face into these cats and breathe deeply with zero reaction.
She’s also very up to date on the Gluten and Dairy intolerance information which has been helpful for me.
Dr Kushnir has her act together… She’s a scientist as well as a doctor too. The benefit is that she’s usually the first to know about something… But she’s willing to look into the latest study without going off on a long monologue adhering to old and outdated models of doctoring. I highly recommend Dr Kushnir and her staff.
BYW… food allergies can’t be helped, only avoided.


I went to Dr. Kushnir for allergy shots and had a good experience. The last allergist I’d seen had said, “you’ll just have to live with it.” (yes, that’s a direct quote) Fortunately Dr. Kushnir could clearly see my problems and had a different approach. We tried a few different things, from altering my diet and environment to allergy shots.
Dr. Kushnir explained that the shots are expensive and that they might not work for me, given that I don’t have a typical case of allergies. I reviewed all the material on my own, talked to her staff about how much my insurance would cover, etc. and decided that I’d take the risk and experiment. Unfortunately I didn’t receive any benefit from the shots, but that was my decision to try them. I appreciated that she never tried to push me into getting shots, answered all my questions, and took all my concerns seriously. I felt like I had a doctor who would listen to me and treat me kindly–that’s a big deal when you’re suffering from a chronic condition. I was pretty surprised to read a previous review say that she suggested hypochondria. That was not my experience at all.
Her staff is great. A previous reviewer mentioned an unpleasant front desk person who was there when she shared her office with another physician (he worked for the other doctor). Hallelujah, that man is gone and only the friendly staff remains.
Ultimately my symptoms don’t appear to be allergy-related, but if I ever do need allergy help, I’ll go back to Dr. Kushnir.

Kate Marie G.

I am thrilled to see that Dr. Kushnir is on Yelp ! She is an outstanding physician who has helped me with my medical challenges when every other professional from whom I sought treatment either did not understand my condition or told me I could not be helped.
Dr. Kushnir has recently opened a new practice, and I could not be happier to have found her. She literally has saved my life, and the gratitude I feel for Dr. Kushnir is unparalleled.
Dr. Kushnir has an old school style about her – she spends as much time with you as need be during your appointments (none of that 15 minutes per patient and shoo you out the door stuff). She listens to you, takes you seriously, and is an excellent communicator (no writing things down and flipping through your chart as you are trying to speak to your distracted doctor). She is involved with you in a uniquely professional and caring way. Dr. Kushnir’s “bedside manner” – along with her vast knowledge and experience – places her on a higher level than most other physicians. For those of you who had the fortune to be a patient of Dr. Carol Jessop back in the day, you will find Dr. Kushnir to be as warm, professional, caring and solution oriented as was Dr. Jessop.
Finding the right doctor can be very difficult and dealing with medical issues is a sensitive, sometimes scary thing to do. However – I unequivocally would recommend Dr. Kushnir to anyone who asked me for a referral to a doctor.
She is, simply, as good as it gets.

Susan R.

I work outside and have pretty serious allergies. Dr. Kushnir was recommended to me by a co-worker after a nasty allergy attack.
She is everything claimed: professional, smart, friendly, and most importantly… effective. After a year of treatments, my severe seasonal allergies are greatly improved. I can spend time outside without ending up miserable, even when pollen counts are extremely high (as they have been this spring), and I can hang out with my friends’ pets without any problems.
Dr. Kushnir is responsive and conscientious.
If you have any allergy problems, give her a shot. Even if you’ve seen someone else. Seriously, she can help you.

Ellen G.

Pollen levels are at their highest and I am allergy free thanks to Dr. Nataliya Kushnir.
I followed Dr. Kushnir when she set up her own practice, ALLERGY AND IMMUNOLOGY CLINIC, because I was so impressed with her level of personal care and commitment to taking care of me. I went through rapid desensitization shots and can now garden and pull weeds with no resulting allergy issues.
Dr. Kushnir is more than an allergist – she is a brilliant doctor and diagnostician. She talked to me about my home, eating habits – even make up and patiently figured out a plan of action for me to reduce allergens in my environment and food. I didn’t have to make big changes, but the results are amazing.
Dr. Kushnir has a background in nutrition and non-western solutions. She spends the time with each patient to really understand their issues. For example, I have suffered from red eyes for most of my life. I even had surgery in one eye to remove a big red vein. When I told Dr. Kushnir that I was considering surgery for my other eye, she suggested home made eye drops (I’m allergic to the preservative in manufactured drops), and it worked! She also suggested daily saline nasal rinses and I am convinced this has stopped allergic sneezing.
I brought my mother to Dr. Kushnir and not only were digestion and food sensitivities addressed, but Dr. Kushnir made some suggestions that led to lower blood pressure! As I wrote before, she is a brilliant doctor and the most caring doctor.
The office staff are very comfortable and caring people. The office itself is painted and decorated simply with soothing colors and allergy free furniture and flooring.

Aliza M.

Dr Kushnir is wonderful! She has quite a medical pedigree and has helped me tremendously. She takes the time to explain everything, answer every question, and will tell me where to research topics of interest to me. She explained my treatment up front and told me to check to see what my insurance covered. We did not start treatment until then. She also diagnosed me on pure instinct with a gluten sensitivity, confirmed by scratch testing. She is very attentive and kind.
Dr Kushnir’s staff is also friendly and helpful, they are very flexible with appointments. I recommend her practice to anyone with allergy issues.
Beware of fraudulent postings made on the internet. I found some negative postings of situations that never could have occurred.

Tracey L.

Dr. Kushnir and her entire staff are wonderful. Dr. Kushnir is not just a doctor, she is a creative doctor. She loves to find the answer/s. The atmosphere in the office is warm and friendly and even fun, but professional. I went in for allergy testing, but ended up resolving allergy and other health issues at the same time due to Dr. Kushnir’s creativity of her approach as well as her deep knowledge of allergies, the immune system, etc.

Dr. Kushnir is the best. She is caring , eager to solve your problem and won’t rest until she has tried everything possible. I have gotten to know many of her patients while sitting in the waiting room after getting my weekly allergy shot and we all agree that every person in the office is wonderful. We all came to Dr. Kushnir feeling miserable and after just a couple of months are feeling almost normal.

Noel K.

This is my 2nd round of allergy shots. Dr. Kushnir did a careful analysis of what I was allergic to adding something that hadn’t been checked by my previous doctor, then, put me on an increasing dose schedule so that I made it to maintainence, 1x/month, dosing much faster than my really slow previous doctor. She was always willing to try to do things as ‘alternatively’ as possible and values that approach if I wanted to try it. Her staff is really nice and she and her office manager, Dimitri, were really sweet in helping to arrange a viable payment plan so that I could manage until I got another insurance policy. My situation was a little complicated and she wasn’t afraid to take it on. I appreciate that. While i was a patient there, they changed from carpeted to noncarpeted floors and made every attempt to reduce any chemical odors and allergens in the office. Recently, the 3rd floor restroom had so much perfume/air freshener in it it was intolerable for me to go into it. I asked if it could be reduced and, amazingly, it was!
Overall, I felt like they care so much and treated me like they would treat a family member. I have been a Registered Nurse for 36 years and I have not seen that approach in a long, long time. Well done, Dr. Kushnir and thank you for your great care! I hope in the future my insurance will allow me to reconnect my allergy care with you.

Vicki R.

I feel very lucky to have found Dr. Kushnir..
For two years I had been suffering from various symptoms. Dizziness, headaches, fatigue, brain fog, trouble concentrating, memory problems, inflammation, depressed mood, chronic infections and more. These symptoms came on suddenly and continued very persistently. My family didn’t understand, my career suffered, it deteriorated my relationships, I was very afraid of what was happening to me.
Over a two year period I had spent thousands of dollars with countless doctors and specialists, each of which sent me completely down the wrong path and without much of a care. I had been through MRIs, CT scans, endless blood work, parasite testing, allergy testing, mold testing, kidney testing, nasal and oral steroids – you name it. I was even prescribed sinus surgery. Finally an ENT I had been seeing was modest enough to admit that they might not have all the answers and that I get more testing (yet again) for an immunological disorder.
I found Dr. Kushnir through a Google search for immunology in the Bay Area. Without much confidence at that point, I sat with her and told her my story. Just by looking at me and talking to me for 30 minutes, she was certain that I had food allergies and we talked about my diet. Things started to make sense. We made arrangements to have some blood work done and I changed my diet that day. I came back to see in after 4 weeks I had never felt better in my life. She discovered I didn’t have Celiac disease but Gluten sensitivity and the repair work started there. After another 45 days of a strict diet and supplementation all my major symptoms were gone except for some sinus inflammation. Which we then discovered was a result of an additional allergy I had to Egg. I had been taking egg protein powers. Once I stopped consuming egg products I was 100% a new man. No surgery no BS!
What amazed me the most was how the foods I’m allergic too can affect my neurology and what it did to my moods. Some of these symptoms were so strange I never would have thought they could be related to food intolerance. It saddens me to know that there are probable thousands of people out there that struggle with this and they don’t even know it. They don’t realize how easy this is to solve and their doctors are completely clueless!
If you’re having symptoms or you’re having trouble diagnosing a suspected problem. Or if you’ve got that feeling like your doctor is completely detached and uninterested – Start with Nataliya!

Nick L.

Spring is amazing, when you can breathe; Thanks to Dr. Kushnir, I finally can enjoy this time of year! I never thought I would be able to kick such terrible allergies.
For the last five years, I have been completely miserable from February-June (or anytime around cats). No amount or combination of over-the-counter allergy medications (tried them all!) had any effect in controlling my symptoms- coughing, sneezing, itchy eyes…you name it. Have you ever had so much sinus pressure it gave you a constant headache, inability to breathe at any time, and non-stop faucet of a runny nose? At the same time? For a solid 5 months out of every year? Yeah, not much fun.
Finally it occurred to me that I should see an allergist to find out what exactly was making me so miserable. Perhaps they could even prescribe some high-powered antihistamines to control it a little?
Well, thank goodness I found Dr.Kushnir! She not only diagnosed what was causing my reaction during my first visit, she provided very thoughtful and thorough counseling on what my various treatment options were (she is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced!). Best of all: Fast-forward 6 months into allergy shot treatments: NO MORE ALLERGIES!!!
Although there are different options, allergy shot treatments were the best choice for me. It took a bit of patience building up to the higher dose, but it was definitely worth it in the end! I started having improvement in my symptoms after about a month. By the time spring rolled around this year, I was still breathing strong and my symptoms were essentially gone. Such a beautiful time of year, now that I can enjoy it!
Dr. Kushnir runs a practice that is very conducive to fitting in weekly shots with a full-time work schedule. She is incredibly flexible and will work with you as much as possible. One night, she stayed an hour late (even though it made her late for a lecture she was giving) because I got stuck in traffic on my way to receive a shot at a crucial point in my dosage schedule. Another time, I had a severe allergic reaction after hours. Not only was she on-call, but she met me in her office 10 minutes later to administer treatment so I wouldn’t have to go to the ER. That’s above and beyond, if you ask me.
The shot treatment does require fairly regular and relatively lengthy office visits, at least for the first few months. Still, the office is casual and there is plenty of reading material. With the dramatic improvement in my allergy reactions, I really feel like the overall quality of my life has improved. I have recently reached my top dose and plan on continuing my once-monthly treatments for a couple more years. Supposedly that should tide me over for about 10-30 years. I am so grateful to have found a successful treatment and such a knowledgeable and experienced allergist as Dr. Kushnir to get me there!
tl;dr Although allergy shots require time and follow-through to work, Dr. Kushnir so far has provided me with excellent and incredibly effective treatment for my allergy symptoms! Totally worth it!

Heather J.

I was getting frequent colds/flu that would knock me out for days. I saw several doctors, and after a couple of years was still seeing no progress. Went to Dr. Kushnir (actually I made an appointment with another doctor I had read good things about; he was overbooked on the day of my appointment and handed me off to Dr. Kushnir.) She actually made me well! She really tried to understand all my symptoms, and worked carefully to customize a treatment that had amazing results. When she left her previous practice, I followed her to her current one. I would do the same even if she moved far away.
One side story: About the time I first started seeing Dr. Kushnir, I thought of her only for obvious allergy trouble. One weekend, I came down with an ear infection in the middle of the night. Got up and drove to the emergency room. After many hours, saw a doctor who looked in my ears and kind of gasped, “Wow, your eardrums are REALLY red.” He prescribed an antibiotic, which I took. The infection got worse, not better. Saw my regular doctor. She said it could only have been either bacterial or viral, that the ER doc prescribed the right thing if it had been viral, and so it must be bacterial. She said I’d just have to wait it out (“chew some gum and yawn a lot”). Several days later, I had a perforated eardrum. Made an emergency appointment with Dr. Kushnir. She immediately knew what to do, was shocked that the ER doctor prescribed what he did (“it doesn’t work for ear infections on adults”), prescribed the RIGHT medication (it WAS viral), and had the infection cleared up in a couple of days. Since then, I pretty much try to see Dr. Kushnir for ANYTHING related to the ear, nose, or respiratory system. I really don’t trust my health to anyone else.

Michael L.

Dr. Kushnir literally gave me back the ability to breathe again. Anyone suffering from extreme allergies understands how distressing the inability to take a deep breath can be. I was very fortunate to come across a doctor with the true sensibilities to thoroughly diagnose and properly treat my symptoms. Dr. Kushnir expresses a genuine concern for her patients and I highly recommend her as a physician to anyone in need.

Madeline M.

Wonderful & Professional Doctor! Dr. Kushnir is an amazing doctor. Both my daughters and I are currently her patients, and we have been for several years now. She’s warm, kind, patient and a loving doctor. We recommend her to all our family and friends. I did see a few doctors before her, and none was accommodating as she is. One example, she even schedules shots late in the day for those of us full time working patients. You can never ask for a better allergy specialist.

Emma S.

Dr. Kushnir is hands down the best! She listened to everything I had to say, and was very thorough with her exam and diagnosis of the issues I had at the time. Now, I’m close to being allergy free and living a “normal” life with her treatments. Without Dr. Kushnir, I’d still be suffering, much thanks and gratitude to her!

Alicia J.

Dr. Kushnir is an excellent doctor. She took her time to listen to my situation and did not jump to any conclusions. I had been to other doctors in the past who always tried to push steroids as the solution, but they do not deal with the real problem. Dr. Kushnir was able to design a treatment plan for me that did NOT include any steroids and was VERY effective. I’m happy I found such an outstanding doctor.

E P.

Dr. Kushnir is an excellent doctor and a great specialist. She always answers all my questions and takes her time with me. She is very professional and educated doctor. No one knew what was going on with me, i’ve seen lots of different doctors, until she diagnosed me right away! She ran some tests and it was Gluten sensitivity after all. In the past doctors thought I was crazy (in fact I was becoming anxious not knowing what was wrong with me), because they could not figure out what was my problem. Thanks to her I’m a normal person again.Thank God I’ve met Dr. Kushnir!

Alisa L.

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