About Our Clinic

happy familyOur clinic provides all services and treatments to people who suffer from allergies. Allergy is a result of abnormal immune response to normal proteins that surround us. We help people from across the country to live healthy lives and restore normal immunity. We start with environment evaluation and tests that provide comprehensive guide to needed measures and interventions. We offer modern individualized approach – that provides step-by-step solution to each individual situation.

We live in the age of technological advances and enjoy convenience of fast construction, affordable furniture and abandon supply of foods. While that makes our life easier, we are now facing disproportionate rise of chemical sensitivities, toxic exposures and deadly food reactions. Our goal is to provide knowledge about possible harmful exposures, recommend necessary adjustments and interventions, and to help recover from health problems. Our staff has deep knowledge of modern chemicals, available resources and testing modalities. We offer individual consultations and home visits ranging from basic allergy services to prime packages (including new construction guidance, allergen-free remodel, mold/allergen comprehensive packages).

Dr Kushnir is a dedicated advocate of people who were exposed to harmful indoor pollutants and mold. She helps families to select reputable environmental companies, evaluates reports and provides expert opinion when protection of rights and personal damages are a concern. She works with many law firms and has an excellent record of helping to remediate difficult cases and achieve best compensations for people who suffered. In our clinic we offer long-term treatment solutions and refer to the best local specialists who can help with health issues outside of our scope of knowledge.

We provide individual recommendations for patients with multiple chronic diseases and clinical syndromes that are not an allergy but connected to immune system such as ADHD, Autism, Adrenal Fatigue, Autoimmune Systemic Diseases (Parkinson’s, MS, Lupus etc.). Simple recommendations on allergen and chemical avoidance allows our patients to have high quality of life and reduce amount and doses of toxic medications. Dietary personalized regimens change lives of children who were bound to medications – we have hundreds of kids who are capable of achieving high independent functioning with a restructured healthy diet and allergy treatment approach.

Allergy can be cured! We treat environmental allergy starting from old-fashion allergy shots and offering modern European approach – sublingual drops (SLIT). SLIT is a preferred method due to flexibility of regimen – can be started and stopped any time, it is administered at home as this immunotherapy does not have a risk of systemic allergic reaction! It is easy and very well tolerated by children and elderly. We find this method extremely popular among working and traveling adults with busy schedules – no need to spend 30 min in physician’s office twice a week!!! The clinic benefit of the treatment is the same as allergy shots, but symptoms are controlled as early as the second week of the treatment (clinical improvement is expected only after 6-9 month of treatment with traditional allergy shots). SLIT is administered with tiny bottles and can be taken anywhere – solution is stable at room temperature and does not require addition of preservatives or refrigeration.

Our skin and hair treatments includes variety of methods that restore normal balance, eliminate rashes and make skin look younger and beautiful. With comprehensive testing techniques we find the actual cause and provide immediate solutions. Most of the rashes can be eliminated within one week without use of steroids – natural approaches work miracles. Rashes and wrinkles are the symptom of underlying condition (such as food intolerance, contact chemical sensitivity, metabolic disorder or environmental exposure). Finding and correcting the simple problem can completely cure severe symptoms – itching, blistering rashes, discoloration and early aging signs.

We spend time talking about nutrition and exercise, educating patients and reducing stress – we treasure our time and would not waist it on paperwork – our office is equipped with state of the art modern paperless technology, portable cutting-edge technology.

We believe that the best treatment result can be achieved if our patients become their own doctors – we provide guidance for our patient’s: environment improvement, lifestyle recommendations, daily routines adjustments. We explain the reasons and mechanisms of their diseases and symptoms, and teach them how to live better and healthier without constatnt need for hospital admissions and visits to physicians.

We also offer comprehensive allergy evaluation as adjacent health improvement which increases chances of successful infertility treatment, healthy pregnancy protocols and recommend dietary adjustments during breastfeeding. We are proud of many healthy babies born naturally after 2-3 failed IVF cycles. We are excited about our patient who themselves suffer from multiple allergies, and now have children without food allergies.


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